Geothermal Energy


Geographically, the area of Neo Erasmio, Xanthi, is located along the eastern banks of the Nestos river mouth and belongs to the sedimentary area of the Prinos – W. Nestos basin, which in its turn has developed in the geotectonic zone of the Rodopi land mass. The geothermal field expands around the Erasmio village, reaching Avato in the north, Maggana in the east, the Nestos River in the west and the coastal zone in the south. The whole region, covering an area of 40 km2, has been subject of geological, stratigraphic and tectonic investigations, which also covered the area's features.
The located geothermal deposit which expands around Neo Erasmio, Xanthi, constitutes a typical example of a low-enthalpy geothermal field where the stratified aquifers are fed by a system of active faults in the bedrock of the Rodopi zone. Based on extensive geothermal investigation, it was established that the main geothermal anomaly expands on an area of 15-20 km2, with geothermal gradient reaching 25°/100 m and a relevant high heat flow as well as quality and chemical composition of the geothermal fluids being such that they lend special features and a special typology to the particular Geothermal Deposit "Geothermal Reservoir".
Based on the systematic temperature measurements and production tests of the five active boreholes, the confirmed and immediately available for use thermal energy capacity exceeds 15 MWth. The geothermal fluids that have temperatures reaching 40-65 °C are localised at easy accessible depths (200-350 m). Their quality is excellent, a fact that renders their management easy and low-priced in terms of pumping and transfer. Common stretches of land are available for allotment in the area for the installation of processing plants as well as greenhouses.